The Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) is paid at the time of the final charter payment. 

Under MYBA Terms, this sum is usually equivalent to 25% to 30% of the total charter fee. 

Intended to cover the operating expenses of a charter such as fuel, food, drinks, port fees, and ad hoc incidentals, these funds will be given to the captain before the start of your charter. 

The captain will ensure that your yacht is fully fueled and provisioned when you step onboard. Whilst an up-to-date summary of accounts can be requested at any time during your charter, a full set of accounts will normally be submitted by your captain at the end of the cruise. If during the charter, the expenditure exceeds the sum already paid, additional cash funds will be required.

All outstanding bills should be settled in cash before final disembarkation. Of course, any remaining credit at the end of your charter will be compensated to you fully. On request, transfer arrangements to and from the yacht can be made by your charter manager, payment for which will be deducted from your APA.

The sailing season in Greece starts mid-April and ends in late September. The high seasons are July and August. 

Depending on the yacht you choose, the space allowed might differ. 
It’s advised that you pack your belongings in soft-sided bags and never in hard-sided suitcases. Space is usually limited on boats and your hard-sided bags may cause damage. 

Going on a long trip may increase the risk of some medical conditions or intensify existing medical problems. You should consult your doctor and get his advice for any recommendations before traveling.

A deposit of 50% of the total charter fee is payable by bank transfer on the signature of the Charter Agreement. This confirms your booking. The remaining 50%, plus an Advance Provisioning Allowance, combined with taxes, delivery/redelivery fees, and any additional charges we agreed on, are payable by bank transfer one month before the charter commences.

A yacht management team should be able to multitask and have great communication abilities. These abilities will enable them to successfully manage operations and monitor the security and technological elements of operating and managing a yacht.

Yes, of course, the yacht is hired privately by you, we don’t offer shared yacht charters.

If you’re interested in knowing more information about the crew, we can send you the crew’s profiles beforehand.

There is standard wireless access provided throughout most yachts, although in certain areas, the service can be limited and cannot be guaranteed.

In case of bad weather, we try to arrive at the nearest shore or harbor that’s safe to approach. 

Bad weather will be foreseen as much as possible and avoided. Your captain will also plan the itinerary based on the weather conditions to ensure your safety.

Greece has some of the best islands and places to visit.
We propose 4 tours with the most amazing and breathtaking islands to visit.
Argo-Saronic Gulf: Methana, Aegina, Agistri, Poros, Hydra, Spetses
Central Cyclades: Mykonos, Santorini, Syros, Paros, Naxos, Tinos, Folegandros
Sporades: Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos, Skyros
Ionian Islands: Corfu, Paxi, Lefkada, Ithaki, Zakynthos, Kithira, Kefalonia
Dodecanese: Halki, Kalymnos, Karpathos, Kasos, Kos, Symi, Rhodes, Patmos

Your captain will advise accordingly for the best mooring spots, depending on your needs and preferences.

Some items worth considering are light summer clothing such as shorts, tops, skirts, sun hats or caps, sandals, trainers or sneakers or soft-soled athletic shoes, bathing and swimsuits, and warmer clothing for nightwear such as a sweatshirt, sweater, windbreaker, jeans, light pants. You may want to go out dining and socializing in the evening so some more "smart casual" and even formal clothing, such as long pants and collared shirts and maybe a jacket could be a good idea.

At 7 Seas Maritime, you can bring your pet along with you for your trip or holiday so the whole family can cruise together (a small additional cost is payable to cover extra cleaning).

Some rules should be applied onboard for the safety of the passengers and the crew. 

Your captain will inform you about guidelines, controls, and procedures that are applied to avoid any accidents.

All members of the charter party should be covered by Personal Accident and Medical Insurance. Our charter department will be pleased to assist with all the arrangements accordingly.

Greece is a land filled with hidden gems and beautiful waters. 

We propose different itineraries that you can select such as Argo Saronic Gulf, Central Cyclades, Ionian Islands, Sporades, or the Dodecanese. You can find details on our website. Keep in mind that the itinerary is always subject to change depending on the weather conditions.

The Chartering team of 7 Seas Maritime will suggest sailing yachts, motor yachts, catamarans, motor sailors, and gulets you can choose from. Depending on the capacity of the boat and its characteristics, you may take your decision and pick the one that fits your needs and desires.

SAILING YACHTS: Sailing yachts bring a great spirit of romance and adventure to a luxury charter. They offer the ultimate level of comfort along with an extra dimension: a stimulating and refreshing embrace of the elements while voyaging between destinations. You are at one with nature, relaxing while the crew sails the yacht.

MOTOR YACHTS: Motor yachts are generally faster and bring a more sophisticated andelegant feel to your luxury charter. They can also accommodate more guests depending on length of the yacht chartered. However, since you need to include the cost of fuel in your budget, you have to consider the rate of fuel consumption.

CATAMARANS: Power and sail catamarans are the emerging style of vessels in the world of luxury charter yachts. They bring the best of both worlds to your charter: they are fast, stable, remarkably spacious, and offer high-end amenities.

MOTOR SAILORS and GULETS: The Turkish gulet is a traditionally designed wooden motor sailor. This yacht holds the heritage of ancient boats that sailed across the Aegean and Mediterranean seas for thousands of years. Today they are being built with much more precision and carry high-tech marine equipment; they have air-conditioning, superb chefs, and a crew that provides hotel services.

We will provide you with a full yacht charter agreement and bank account details prior to payment, which will clearly show the amounts required in the currency of your charter.

When booking a crewed charter, you should expect staff members that stay permanently on the boat and offer discrete, yet attentive five-star customer service. Depending on your request, your crew size may differ and consist of a captain, hostess, engineer, chef, etc.

Charter rates are quoted per week. Seven days is generally the minimum charter period accepted by yachts, but charters can be for any duration under or over seven days.

The cancellation fee may vary. The exact amount can be found on the Charter Party Contract. Cancellation fees are calculated depending on the time between the date of cancellation and departure date.

Should the client wish to cancel the charter, the owner might retain the full deposit or the full charter fee depending on the time of cancellation according to the terms of the MYBA contract. To establish an alternative solution, the charterer must liaise with the broker.

Only in the event of a bareboat charter (without our skipper) the client skipper must be in possession of a certificate of competence to charter the boat. In the event of a crewed charter, there will be a professional captain navigating the yacht.

Crewed yacht charters can start and end on any day of the week, depending on their availability. The usual time for embarkation and disembarkation is 12:00 PM. However, it may be possible to change this time on request if it does not suit your travel arrangements to or from the yacht.

In Greece, a Certificate of Competency is required to participate in watersports activities (jet skis, wave runners, and other mechanically propelled watercraft). Please consider which members of your party will be using the yacht's motorized water toys. If they do not have the required licenses/certificates, only a member of the crew can use the water toys. 

If the yacht has SCUBA equipment on board, it can only be used by certified divers holding a certified PADI license or equivalent.

It’s your choice to make. You can choose to go ashore on a tour or stay on your boat.

Before the beginning of the charter, your agent will ask you to provide the list of food and drinks that you would like to have onboard. Make sure to notify the agent and chef if any of the guests have a special diet or food allergies. We will make sure to select the top-quality provisions for you, especially when it comes to fish and seafood.

If you do not want the meals to be prepared on board, we can provide catering services from excellent restaurants. We can also book your tables at marvelous places.

All charters are subject to a fully executed contract, so once the availability for your chosen yacht has been verified; you will receive a standard MYBA Charter Agreement you need to sign. If your chosen cruising itinerary necessitates embarking or disembarking from a point other than the yacht's home port, positioning charges (delivery/redelivery fees) may be required. These charges, if applicable, will be confirmed in advance and affirmed in the Charter Agreement, with any taxes that may apply.

Smoking is forbidden inside most yachts. However please consult us for verification, as this policy may vary on certain yachts. For safety reasons, smoking in cabins and staterooms is prohibited on all yachts. Some yachts will allow smoking in designated outdoor areas.

Most yachts are very welcoming to children and some are equipped with children in mind. However, a few yachts may stipulate a minimum age for children and/or have a requirement for a nanny to be onboard during the charter. The crew cannot provide childminding or babysitting services.

Changes of the crew are possible – however, this should be indicated in advance, before embarkation. We will create a crew list on which the dates of changes as well information on people joining or leaving the crew will be specified. 

Your charter manager will be your exclusive point of contact. This specialist will serve as direct contact between you and the rest of the team, ensuring that all your needs are fulfilled quickly.

It’s your decision to make, whether you’d like to tip the captain or crew. Your location matters and affects the amount you tip.

We usually advise tipping 5% to 10% in the Mediterranean and 10% to 15% in the Caribbean. 

While it is at your discretion, it is customary to tip the captain and crew at the conclusion of a charter for excellent care and service. Crew gratuities are normally approximately 10 percent of the charter fee but can be adjusted up or down according to your level of satisfaction. The best way to ensure that all crew members receive equal recognition is to entrust the distribution of gratuities to the captain. In this way, inconspicuous crew members such as engineers and culinary staff, who make an important contribution to your enjoyment, will not be overlooked.