Here at Seven Seas Maritime, we are committed to our most important asset, that is our people. We invest in our personnel, ensuring high quality working conditions and equal opportunities for all, and looking to offer them personal satisfaction and professional experience.

Our strength is our people and their development through the company and the outside world. We recognize their participation in the achievements of Seven Seas, and therefore our aim is to keep up with their continuous improvement leading to a high-level performance. We care about providing a pleasant, efficient and above all human environment to our team. Seven Seas’ people are well-known for their knowledge and experience. They are all professionals individually and as a team, and they contribute to the preservation and reinforcement of the dynamics of our company.

We are opening an exciting new chapter in the world of luxury yachting, and we are on our way up. Therefore, our growth can be a part of your growth in a fast paced, open, and honest environment that is based on achieving excellence and establishing positive values. We are always on the lookout for the best talents across the yachting industry. In our multicultural environment, you can gain an experience that is valued worldwide, all the while offering you a fascinating and rewarding spot based on your professional CV. Our goal is to attract, develop and keep exceptional people close to us.

We are looking for hardworking passionate individuals with a highly developed team spirit and flexibility, and who are willing to take on initiatives. If you believe that you can help us achieve our goals and ambitions while achieving your own, please send us your CV for us to consider.


Xanthou 6, 10673 Kolonaki, Athens Greece

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