When you own a yacht, you own the world! The sea is yours to conquer; it is your home away from home. Enjoy the diversity of the scenery and cruise into the comfort and safety of a tailor-made environment with our best yacht sales offers.


Make an investment

Who said that boats can’t be an asset?

With 7 Seas Management yacht sales, we can turn your expense into a valuable investment.

The yacht is yours all year long, and feel free to let us rent it, when you’re not using it. It would be a good way to make a profit out of your investment.


Looking to Sell your Yacht?

Do you want to sell your yacht and upgrade to a newer one?

From due diligence, to valuation, negotiation, and deal closing,7seas engineers, brokers and lawyers will make sure that you secure the best yacht sales deal.



The inspection process entails risk assessment that ensures the the sea worthiness of the vessel and to confirm the sale value. The survey for valuation purposes includes an inspection of the vessel’s structural and mechanical condition including the hull bottom. A detailed industry standard report is produced including digital photographs and recommendations. All arrangements for hauling and any remedial work required can be assisted by 7seas Maritime.

The valuation is abiding to the standards of the International Valuations Standards Council including the present market conditions; the vessel’s overall condition, and a comparative analysis of the same model or similar vessels recently sold or advertised for sale.



7seas Maritime has a dynamic dynamic track record in the yachting industry. The legal team regularly advises yacht brokers, owners, manufacturers, buyers and sellers, maritime lenders, management companies, and other service providers on all aspects of yacht transactions.

Our legal team is familiar with the intricacies of yacht ownership and operation as well as the legal issues facing the yacht industry. Hence, we assist yacht industry professionals, buyers and owners of yachts, on a broad range of transactions. Our legal services include, purchase, sale and chartering agreements, commercial and maritime litigation, marine finance, marine related contracts, business immigration, and establishing a Maritime Company for Pleasure Yachts in Greece.