Managing and owning a luxury yacht is complicated. Therefore, 7seas Maritime provides the greatest and most complete yacht management services, including maintenance, safety, and technical assistance.Our management staff is made up of highly experienced individuals who can advise yacht owners and captains to guarantee that the boat is maintained, managed, and operated to the highest standards.

A yacht management’s main job is to assist and take care of everything related to your yacht, insuring you spend the most wonderful time chartering worry-free.

While owning a yacht may be simple, maintaining one is challenging. 7seas yacht management insures you keep your boat in great form without having to do any of the day-to-day duties.

The yacht management offers a wide range of services: assistance on operations, an experienced crew, help with logistics, technical assistance, handling accounts, taking safety measures, helping in finances, and maintenance. The services we offer are tailored to answer each yacht owner’s needs and satisfy them. Your yacht management staff can handle everything from catering for parties to organizing charter routes with the captain's help, as well as the financial costs of boat repairs and other living expenses. Staff for security and safety measures, as well as a crew to manage the technical side, are included in yacht management.

7seas gives you the option of having specialists manage your yacht and the complexity that come with maintenance, repair, contracts, insurance, warranties, and so on. Yacht owners enjoy the luxury of delegating the heavy work to professionals and focusing only on having fun on their yachts.

The Yacht Management will oversee the overall financial situation. The team will work with the highest level of ethics and honesty, ensuring complete transparency in all aspects of the vessel's accounting.

At sea, all vessels must adhere to safety standards. The International Safety Management (ISM) Code and the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code are the most important and your yacht management should be familiar with them.

Technical support management includes every element of a yacht's operation that ensures its safety. Maintenance and upkeep, repairs, regular servicing, purchasing equipment and replacement parts needed on board from suppliers, and outsourcing captains and crew for safe yacht operation are all included.

Yachts, like any other piece of machinery, require regular maintenance to address any potential problem and enhance functionality. This is referred to as scheduled maintenance. Yacht maintenance is carefully planned and organized by the yacht management team since the dangers of yachts at sea are significantly larger.

Yacht refitting entails a complete redesign of your vessel. A yacht makeover entails more than just a change of decor. Repairs, maintenance, remodeling, servicing, restoration, rebuilding, and other upgrades are all included.

The yacht management team consists of members of the technical support management team, yacht maintenance engineers and specialists, financial and accounting team members, insurance brokers, and the yacht manager or captain of the boat.

The crew members are highly qualified, medically fit, licensed, and well-trained to ensure your yacht's safe handling. We only recruit professionals and make sure that our guests have the best crew on board. Each crew member's certificates, and documentation will be checked for authenticity throughout the recruiting process, and pre-employment verification will be conducted.

As an owner, you may be as involved or as detached as you choose. When you need your boat, however, the management will have everything ready for you.

We can email you the crew profiles ahead of time if you're interested in learning more about them.