Make your Memories Last a Lifetime!

Greece, the most popular summer vacation destination worldwide, is yours to discover all year long! From a never-ending sunshine, clear blue waters, sandy expanses, and relaxing beaches, there are many reasons why you should embark on your own Greek odyssey this summer!

If you’re craving a relaxing vacation to unwind, you have the chance to enjoy memorable moments onboard with your loved ones!

Nowadays, yachting is considered the safest and one of the most fun yet relaxing ways to spend your summer. In this private and luxurious space, far from the tourist trail, you can spend few days under the sunshine in a perfect climate to explore hidden gems, mountains, beaches, and villages… The best time to charter a yacht in Greece is between May and September. This top summer destination offers people an unforgettable vacation including outstanding views of lands and seascapes, so you won’t run out of ideas of where to go and what to do during your journey.

Here are some islands you shouldn’t miss exploring:

Agistri: a tiny island, known for its natural setting and wonderful beaches, where several activities take place including horse riding, biking, kayaking…

Dokos: the perfect place for nature lovers, and home to numerous landscapes. All visitors, hikers, and campers can enjoy long hikes while savoring the breathtaking views.

Hydra: with its rich history, vibrant lifestyle, architectural beauty, and artistic artifacts, it is the destination for art enthusiasts.

Greece, the ideal destination for your escape, and home to many captivating islands, is a wonderful country that one must visit at least once in a lifetime.

As it is based in Athens, Greece, 7seas Maritime encourages you to explore the hidden gems that these islands have to offer. From unique volcanic landscapes to virgin beaches and rural villages, Greece is the perfect vacation getaway for an unforgettable vacation!

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