Organize a luxurious bachelor(ette) party aboard!

Getting married is a significant step in your life! There is no greater reinforcement for a couple, or at least there are few, that involve a greater level of commitment than getting married. Marriage also means saying goodbye to being single. Today, we layout some ideas for you on how to organize a luxury unforgettable bachelor(ette) party on the Greek waters, so that your bride- and groom-to-be, have a remarkable memory of their last days as single Mr. & Ms.!

Embark on an incredible party experience in the sea while exploring the breathtaking views of the Greek islands, surrounded by your loved ones. Host the ultimate bachelor and bachelorette party for the future Mr. & Mrs. aboard a yacht of your choice.

Roam around the enchanting islands on turquoise waters, with a private charter that suits your group’s needs. Booking your own luxurious space with unique amenities is easily planned and organized in Greece. You will only be required to get onboard and create unforgettable moments together during your fun escape!

Whether you are a small group of friends, or a larger one including family, ask for the best yacht that will accommodate all your party’s attendees comfortably. Select the Greek destinations you would like to explore with the ones you love within your own private space, away from the crowd and discover endless beaches and countless hidden gems together!

You are free to pick a theme for your bachelor(ette) party! Make it an easy-breezy trip on the Greek Argosaronic Gulf, or a fun eccentric one full of activities and visual wonders on the Sporades Islands. Uncover culture and marvelous views if you choose to explore the Cyclades or Ionian islands and add a romantic splash on a cruise across the “twelve islands”!

Sit back, suntan, delve into Greece’s spectacular destinations, enjoy a selection of scrumptious food & drinks aboard, and benefit from luxury tailor-made 360º concierge services and more at once! Book your private yacht and start a worry-free trip, catered to everything you desire from gastronomy, to comfort, to capturing your moments with wonderful photos and videos to reminisce after the big day.

Treat the future newlyweds with an exceptional journey full of everlasting souvenirs!

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