Easter across the Greek Islands

As Easter is here, families are getting ready to celebrate the holy holiday. While it is the most important time of the year, every island is known for celebrating it in different ways, with its own traditions, and unique habits. Here are the ways you can celebrate Easter like a local on the Greek Islands!

Easter is an opportunity to see a different side of the famous and cosmopolitan island: Mykonos. On Good Friday, locals stand outside the folk museum known as “Lena’s House”, where women from the local Folklore Association offer homemade treats while everyone is witnessing the Epitaphios processions.

On this magnificent Cyclades Island of Tinos, one can find both Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches, which celebrate Easter side by side, for a unique experience. On Good Friday, the Christ dome is taken into the water to bless the island’s locals and three crosses are flamed as an honor to the Lord. On Saturday, residents of the island of Tinos commemorate the Anastasi festivities at the Church of Panaghia Evangelistria. On Easter Sunday, all tavernas prepare the traditional lamb or goat in the oven for visitors and locals to enjoy!

Known as the island of the revelation, Patmos has a particular significance in Christianity, since it is the place where St John wrote the Book of Revelations. From Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday, this island in the Dodecanese hosts traditional events all weekend. In the early hours of the Holy Thursday, the locals of Patmos witness the reenactment of the last supper, an important part of the Easter Celebrations at the Monastery of St John, and in the evening of Good Friday, they watch the Epitaphios processions at the main square of Skala.

The island of Kalymnos is where locals go beyond what is considered conventional. During the holy weekend, the people of Kalymnos fill the streets and work in harmony to make the events of Easter as lively and harmonious as they could be. 

On Easter Sunday, the traditional feast in Kalymnos Town’s main square takes place, where performers, including local bands and dance groups, entertain the surrounding visitors. To end the weekend of celebration, some people climb to the top of the cliffs over Pothia and set off fireworks in the evening.

For families celebrating easter with kids, the island of Milos is the place to be. Covered in a carpet of green and wildflowers, bonfires are scattered across the island throughout the whole weekend. In addition, on the port of Adamantas, locals release lanterns carrying wishes into the sky, a breathtaking view that everyone must enjoy. The holy traditions of Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday take place in different villages across the island, characterized by fireworks and the cry of ‘Christ is risen”.

While they all have different ways of celebrating the holy ceremonies of Easter, every Greek Island ensures that both visitors and locals embrace the spirit of these festivities.

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