A luxurious bespoke experience onboard

Yacht concierge & luxury service
Chartering your own yacht in Greece is the ideal and smartest vacation plan you could dream of! An opportunity to roam around the magnificent Greek islands, on the turquoise waters, while enjoying the enchanting scenery and the luxury of services on board!

From Planning to Yachting
What do we mean by luxury services on your chartered yacht? It is true that, not only you can indulge in your yachting experience carefree from the minute you step on, but even begin with planning your preparation for your journey.

When you decide to charter your own Yacht in Greece, whether it was for a private gathering, event, quality time with a loved one, or even a solo escape, a logistics team would be available to plan every detail, from your transportation, to yacht catering, special occasions preparation, to confirming your destinations based on their weather forecast.
Imagine that your yacht services would include the smallest aspect of your trip, like your favorite music playlist, and the largest detail possible, a required helicopter charter for example.
If you may imagine anything additional to what we’ve mentioned here, know that, whenever notified or expected to, a yacht team can provide a nearly limitless list of commodities and services.

Conciergerie Aboard!
Now that you have organized your getaway with expert assistance, it’s time to embark on your yachting voyage with care. Your concierge services on board would start with securing a photographer and videographer for your memorable experience and extend to ensuring that you have everything you need to enjoy your desired water activities or hobbies under the sun. Catering your casual yet luscious meals, snacks, & drinks, and handling every feature of your anniversary celebration, corporate event, bachelorette party, or honeymoon, would satisfy your lavish taste in between.

Capture your beautiful moments on board with a talented photographer’s camera and even his or her thrilling drone effect. Relish the taste of Greece with the expert touches of a private chef and exquisite catering services. Celebrate love or your special occasion of any sort in style. Dive in and have fun in the splendid Greek sea with an endless selection of water toys & tools. Sit back and enjoy your pleasant journey on board, while a team of yachting connoisseurs takes care of your needs!

Whether you have a wide yachting experience, or you would like to explore chartering a yacht for the first time, rest assured that tailor-made concierge services will make your cruise carefree and worthwhile. Sit back and focus on creating everlasting memories aboard!
7seas Maritime’s team of experts will guarantee their guests an ultimate chartering experience: 7SEAS-MARITIME.COM!