What a typical day on board looks like!

Your vacation on a private yacht is not like any other getaway you might ever experience! With incredible views, lavish cuisine, and sun-lounging, a luxury yacht charter holiday offers you and your friends & family amazing various activities. You’ll have so many things to explore aboard, in the water, and on land, under the wonderful Greek skylines.

The Ideal Morning Aboard

Are you an early riser and a joyful morning person? Even if you are not, the magical Greek sunrise followed by your personalized breakfast is worth exploring!

Wake up to a peaceful sunrise behind the scenic Greek hills and mountains and contemplate in the changing colors of the sun’s reflection over the clear waters you’re wandering on. Revel in a sumptuous, tailored breakfast on your yacht for the holiday. Enjoy the privacy & comfort with your loved ones on board. Start your day with a fresh, relaxed and energy-boosting morning.  

Activity Time on Your Private Yacht

Make good use of your morning boost and fulfill your inner adventurer and explorer with the various activities recommended by your captain and staff onboard. Enjoy different water activities, from a SUP promenade on the calm sea, to snorkeling and exploring the underwater wonders of the rich reefs around you, depending on your stop. You will also want to discover the remarkable cultures of the nearest Greek island and embark on an authentic journey while admiring the beautiful nature around you. Go on a hike with your friends and family and return to your yacht for your next culinary experience. Your private chef and staff will be waiting onboard, for you to taste the delicious meals they prepared particularly for your delight.

Sunset to Sunrise

Enjoy the freedom of roaming the marvelous Greek destinations aboard your own yacht. You might want to sit back on the deck after your delicious lunch and read a book or look over your kids enjoying a water activity nearby. Take a nap, get sun-kissed, enjoy the breeze around you, or chose to be on the move to your next coastline destination. It is time for you to indulge in the dashing lifestyle onboard!  Create unforgettable memories with your family and friends at every stop on your yacht escape. Each island you visit during your journey offers you a unique opportunity to experience beautiful sights, delightful food, and exceptional culture.

Make sure to return to your yacht for a magical sun salute! Gather with your loved ones aboard again, and let your private staff pamper you with their exclusive customized services while you sip on your favorite drink and appreciate the magic of the dusk.

By the time the sun sets in the turquoise Greek water, your chef will be ready to dazzle you with their dinner creations!

Explore the endless opportunities while booking your luxury yacht charter holiday. This unique getaway will offer a tailored and unforgettable experience for everyone onboard!

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