Why is Yacht Management Essential and how to make it easier?

While spending your summer cruising the glistening and peaceful waters with endless onboard amenities and extravagant adventures sounds like the dream, people tend to ignore the aftermath once their back to reality. Managing and upholding a yacht can be very stressful, time consuming and sound like a nightmare, but don’t you worry, 7seas maritime is here to save the day!

7seas Maritime’s inhouse expert yacht management offers all around services to make you forget about your responsibilities, along with the risks and liabilities that come with owning a yacht. From daily operations, to safety, cost control, security, crew and even management, our well-rounded operations are here to protect your investment.

An Offshore technical team full of engineers will always be at your service to inspect your yacht, ensure a safe and difficulty-free adventure and have you never worrying about the lack of mechanical knowledge. 7 sees maritime also postulates you with a professional accounting team who curates a fully detailed budget and prepares monthly accounts to ease your cost control responsibilities.

Along with those two important parts of owning a yacht, guidelines, controls, procedures as well as 24h private cameras, for VIP users only, will ensure that all guests and crew are fully taken care of and safe at any time during your stay. Our guests’ safety and security are our main priority, which is why, in addition, emergency response services and direct contact with a yacht manager is always provided

As a Yacht owner, you have the freedom to be as involved or as detached as you want. When you need your yacht, however, the management will have everything set up exactly how you want it.

Your passion to the sea does not have to come to an end. Forget about the maintenance and management tasks by lending your yacht in 7seas Maritime’s services and never worry about the end of summer again!

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