Now is the time to maintain your yacht!

Your magnificent and precious yacht is one of your most valuable investments! This is the right time to check up on your beauty and do the regular maintenance it needs, to guarantee its continuously reliable operation, safety on board, and to conserve its value.

Your Yacht Maintenance Checklist

If you are a yacht owner, you may already be a cruising enthusiast and connoisseur. You would want to give your vessel the care it needs to operate efficiently and smoothly throughout the years. Specialized engineers and maintenance professionals are available to provide you with these essential services to ensure that your marine property is clean, inside out.


The expert team will normally kickoff the maintenance process with an engine check. It is crucial to examine, ensure perfect operation and clean your yachts’ engine parts before heading to the sea. A thorough inspection of all your vessel’s machinery including generators and propulsion and every electromechanical aspect such as the air-conditioning and steering systems… is also necessary.


Moving on, of course, plumbing! Your yacht’s specialized maintenance and engineering team will check the tanks, heads, water systems, etc. and ensure the competent thru-hull fittings aboard.


To guarantee a smooth operation and cruising experience, keep you well connected throughout your cruise, and make every future trip on your yacht worry-free, electrical systems and electronics on board need to stay in check. This maintenance & repair phase includes the navigation and audio-visual systems among other related components.

Hull & Deck

Now that your yacht is flawlessly functioning, a thorough cosmetic rejuvenation of its hull and deck is the final touchup required to ensure ultimate safety and comfort on board. From the hull to the tip of the deck, every detail is meticulously inspected, and here is where the necessary fittings, sanding, isolation, insulation, and body & deck elements’ repairs are completed. Once your beauty is uplifted, it gets shiny with deep professional cleaning services, and is handed back to you spotless & renewed.

What’s next? Your yacht is perfectly operational, safe, and clean! 7seas Maritime’s vessels are insured and the expert team taking care of yours will provides you with an insurance package for your guests while planning the perfect hassle-free cruise.

Take care of your yacht at the perfect timing. Learn more about maintenance and engineering services on: 7SEAS-MARITIME.COM!