What happened to the yacht brokerage market since the pandemic has started?

The pandemic has redefined many elements in people’s lives. From working environments to taking vacations, it has created new habits and norms. However, one market that was positively affected by the pandemic was the yacht market. Owning a yacht is considered an art form. Just like a home, every yacht is unique and will satisfy people’s desires.

When it comes to the yacht industry, one task that is greatly undermined is selling. Finding an experienced broker who will find a vessel to fit your exact needs is tedious and tricky.  

A process as detail-focused as this one requires a reliable yacht broker with deep expertise in the brokerage market. With the yacht market being so competitive, the use of a broker to sell a yacht will allow you to identify the unique selling point your vessel has to offer, as well as determine the potential clientele your yacht belongs to. These elements will allow you to find the right people and raise your level of exposure.

Selling your yacht through a broker will also relieve you from the stress of paperwork. Having a team of experts who will assist and explain to you everything that is needed from point A to point Z, will make this process faster and more efficient.

One thing that must be taken into consideration in regards to yacht brokerage is the change of the current market. Ever since the WHO declared the start of this pandemic, laws regarding every aspect of yachting, including brokerage, have been constantly upgraded. In addition, social distancing rules and regulations have changed the norm in regards to vacations. More and more people have turned to investing in yachts to ensure that their travels are safe and isolated.

Clientele are realizing that a yacht can be their safe haven, and some who have previously just rented a yacht are now considering becoming owners.

Another aspect of yacht brokerage that had to be redesigned in this pandemic is showings. As more and more countries were subjected to rigorous quarantine laws beginning in March, technology became increasingly important in finalizing deals. In order to compensate the lack of in-person yacht visits, extensive walkthrough videos and virtual tours were used. The purpose of extensive technology has ensured that sales are unaffected, and on the contrary, it has increased as potential clientele could tour and buy yachts from their comfort of their homes.

Following the pandemic that shocked the world, the concept of vacationing has shifted drastically. According to the top yachting businesses, yacht sales have increased at an unprecedented rate since the beginning of 2021. This rise might be attributed to the fact that yachting is possibly one of the safest methods to experience the world’s wonders.

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