Cyclades Islands: Unrefined true gems shaped with natural architectural wonders.

Known for its endless beaches and countless hidden gems, Greece has islands for every need and activity. To enjoy unique destinations, secret coves and gorgeous crystal waters, The Cyclades Islands is the place to be. Made of a multitude of smaller islands, the Cyclades will keep you entertained while granting you the chance to relax and take in the beauties each island offers.

Mykonos, known for its summer party atmosphere and wild nightlife, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Greek islands. It is the ultimate terminus to indulge in delicious food, bask in sizzling weather, enjoy family friendly activities, sit on golden sands and swim in crystal clear waters.

For all the nature lovers, Santorini is the ideal destination. The island of revitalizing scenery, and intoxicating sunsets, Santorini is filled with rare and eternal beauty. Characterized by its carved rocks, black sandy beaches, and reddish cliffs, Santorini allows you to appreciate mesmerizing views all under the mystery of the resting volcano.

Inversely, Syros is a perfect destination for a lively history journey. As it has experienced a renaissance, Syros is bursting with impressive architecture, decadent culture and irresistible sunset colors. It is also known for being the Cyclades Island’s administrative Capital.

Best for longer vacations, Naxos is hard to visit in a short time. Full of isolated beaches, magical sunsets, serene views and abundant sunshine, it is the ideal peaceful haven for romantics. In the middle of the Aegean Sea, this nature reserve, filled with iconic white Cycladic architecture, vibrant scenery and historical jewels, makes exploring your inner adventure spirit possible.

Greece is the ultimate vacation spot for people of all ages, and Paros is a living proof. Also known as Greece’s pandora box, Paros has it all from relaxing beaches, to water sports, trendy bars, wineries, traditional architecture and even hiking trails. The presence of young learners along with families and even older couples gives the Island a unique dimension. The blazing sunshine reflects on the crystal water, adding an exceptional flare to the magic of the island of Paros.

The Cyclades Islands is home to some of the most breathtaking history sites, beaches sunsets and hospitable people. The best way to spend your time discovering the Cyclades is through its surrounding waters. Not only does it allow you to cruise in the Aegean Sea, but permits you to get a sense of the local culture and the countries’ history and traditions. Start your dream vacation early and book your charter experience on 7SEAS-MARITIME.COM. Let 7seas Maritime help you discover the Greek beauty of raw and unrefined nature, combined with whitewashed and stone-shaped architectural wonders. The best luxury yacht can take you in the far deep blue sea where the islands’ true gems lie!