A wonderful glimpse of Greek Islands during Christmas!

It is known that Greece is perceived as a summer and yachting destination by most. However, while you pamper your vessel on land to maintain it and get it ready for the next season, the charming Mediterranean country would positively surprise you with what lies within its islands during Christmas!

Indulge in a Greek Christmas

If you’re a cruising enthusiast, it’s time to leave your beloved yacht in experts’ hands and enjoy the enchanting and unforgettable holiday spirit on any Greek island, or on many!

This season offers a unique opportunity to discover many charming Greek traditions while enjoying the country’s winter sunshine. The holiday celebrations last for around 2 whole weeks all over Greece! Starting from a couple of days before Christmas and lasting until Epiphany. Tourists and locals alike, witness a beautiful and memorable vibe, embellished with lights, decorations in-land and on the beautiful yachts, enchanting children’s voices singing carols, traditional festive dishes and treats served in every corner, and so much more!

Although you may have heard that some Greek islands stop hosting tourists during winter, many others including the capital, Rhodes, Crete, Mykonos, and Corfu, keep operating all year long, and join the holidays in spirit and magical ambiance!

When you plan to spend Christmas on one of Greece’s islands, near the clear waters, you will not only be appreciating the dreamy, magnificent views around you, but also admiring the new experience which you will discover within, while joining the vibrant Greek people in living their traditions, relishing their unique culinary creations, and adoring their positive atmosphere.

The mild weather in Greece during this season even allows you to celebrate on board! Decorate your yacht, turn it into a Christmas wonderland, invite your loved ones, and enjoy the glamorous scenes of the captivating Greek lands from the waters. Season’s greetings from 7seas Maritime’s family to yours!  7SEAS-MARITIME.COM!